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5000 years of cultural history

Kunstareal München is part of the global cultural landscape as a historically evolved arts- and education quarter. Numerous arts and cultural institutions form an intellectual space reaching from antiquity to the present. Kunstareal is a forum of European culture, without equal in density and depth. Based on their autonomy, museums, galleries and colleges together form Kunstareal.


Diversity and synergies / International cognition

Cultural and creative protagonists cooperate in regards to content – consequently sharpening their individual profile. Diversity can be experienced in an evident spatial context. Internationally, Kunstareal is percieved as an innovative place within a knowledge-based society as well as a tourist destination.


Integration into the urban context / areal conciseness

Kunstareal is part of Munich’s collective memory. At the same time, Maxvorstadt is a lively and vibrant urban zone, where open spaces are main attractions. Interconnected locally within the city’s urban society, the cores of Kunstareal boast unique spatial conciseness around Königsplatz and Pinakotheken.


Openess of the museums

Kunstareal represents openness – openness of the fine arts treasury, openness towards the city, towards people and openness amongst the houses. Like the city of Munich and region of Bavaria, Kunstareal synthesizes tradition, open for the future. Kunstareal is established by its collection – the field of ideas and the cultural exchange.

 task force Kunstareal München, July 2010




Ziel des Projektes „Kunstareal München“ ist es, in einem kooperativen Prozess die Potenziale des Kunstareals auf räumlicher und kommunikativer Ebene zu verdeutlichen.